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Additional TCCC Training Features Now Available in TraumaFX EMITT Medical Simulator
From: TraumaFX

May 23, 2019 - SAN ANTONIO, TX - TraumaFX, a leading global provider of advanced, ruggedized human and canine medical training simulators, today announced the company has released a new version of its Emergency Medical Trauma Trainer-Tactical Medical Upper (EMITT-TMU) that includes new features to further meet Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TC3) training requirements for military customers.

EMITT is a modular, wireless, remote-controlled medical training platform designed for critical hemorrhage control, airway management, and fluid infusion interventions. While TraumaFX simulators have been widely used for TC3 training since 2010 and as the system selected for the TC3X program, the EMITT platform offers lower-cost simulator options for point of injury and secondary care training to organizations that don’t require high-fidelity animatronics or more advanced clinical capabilities.

The new features on the EMITT-TMU include a sternal intraosseous infusion site, surgical cricothyroidotomy, infusible IV, and breathing response to bag valve mask (BVM) ventilation. With the new features included, the EMITT platform now offers a full range of TC3 training elements, making it an ideal solution for combat medical training as well as enhancing capabilities for civilian first responders.

“EMITT has been incredibly popular with civilian first responders. As our military customers expand TC3 training to more soldiers, they needed a similar solution that focused more exclusively on those core training elements,” said Carolyn Hollander, Vice President at TraumaFX. “By enhancing EMITT, we are now able to offer lower-cost simulator options that that meet all TC3 training requirements and still deliver incredible realism and durability for more immersive training and reliable, prolonged use in field training environments.”

EMITT simulators are available in Tactical Medical and Active Shooter models, offering a range of different features and capabilities. Each model consists of an upper body unit and lower body unit that combine to form whole-body patient simulators. Like all modular TraumaFX systems, EMITT upper and lower bodies are compatible and completely interchangeable with each other or any other TraumaFX system, giving customers the ability to mix-and-match units to vary wound patterns and create their ideal training system.  They also offer the same long-range wireless operation and remote data capture capabilities for after-action reporting.

More information on the EMITT TMU and other TraumaFX medical training simulators can be found at


About TraumaFX

TraumaFX is dedicated to developing innovative medical simulation and training technologies that improve survivability of severe injuries on the battlefield and in civilian casualty situations. We specialize in high-fidelity, ruggedized medical patient simulators to deliver the most lifelike experience for trainees while enabling field exercises in any environment and in any weather condition. Our advanced sensor technology monitors and records critical treatment procedures and immediately transmits data to trainers wirelessly to optimize instruction in real-time; after-action reporting data provides objective feedback to leaders about staff capabilities and readiness.

Originally developed under a research and development contract with the U.S. Army ARL-STTC, TraumaFX today offers a broad portfolio of human and canine medical simulators that allow military personnel, first responders, K9 handlers, veterinarians, and emergency medical professionals to experience the complexities of treating severe injuries, properly and effectively, in real world situations.

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