TraumaFX and North American Rescue Partner to Bring Advanced Medical Training Simulators to First Responders
From: KGS TraumaFX

May 22, 2017 - SAN ANTONIO, TX and FAIRFAX, VA - TraumaFX, a business unit of Kforce Government Solutions, today announced a partnership with North American Rescue (NAR) to be the exclusive distributor for TraumaFX’s new Emergency Medical Trauma Trainer (EMITT) and other manikin systems for the first responder market.

EMITT is a new mid-fidelity medical patient simulator system designed to meet the emerging training requirements of Police, Fire, EMS, and emergency medical professionals. EMITT is available in two configurations – the Tactical Medical model and the Active Shooter model – and offers a wide range of training features for hemorrhage control, airway management and other trauma-related interventions.



EMITT TacMed Upper and Active Shooter Lower EMITT TacMed Upper and Active Shooter Lower

Like all other TraumaFX products, EMITT is purpose-built for outdoor training. These ruggedized manikin simulators allow first responders to train in real-world scenarios so they can better learn critical medical interventions under stressful conditions. The highly realistic appearance combined with lifelike feel, anatomical fidelity, autonomous response to treatment, and accurate weight create an immersive training experience unlike any other medical patient simulator. Advanced sensors send real-time data to a ruggedized remote control to enable instructors to monitor medical interventions and “patient” status so they can evaluate trainee performance as it happens, optimizing training effectiveness.

“We are pleased to be partnering with KGS to offer their state-of-the-art TraumaFX® manikin products. These lifelike training manikins will help prepare personnel to perform lifesaving medical procedures through realism, interactive feedback, and accurate physiology,” said Jun Magpayo, Senior VP of Business Development at NAR. “This capability increases the likelihood of successful medical treatment when conditions are less than ideal, improving survivability.”

NAR will be the exclusive distributor for EMITT, as well as the TraumaFX Hemostatic Wound Trainer (HEMO), Multiple Amputation Trauma Trainer (MATT) and AirwayPlus Lifecast with Pulses and Breathing (APL-PB) for Police, Fire, and EMS markets throughout the U.S. and select international markets.

“North American Rescue has a long history of providing life-saving technologies and products to government and civilian customers, and they share our passion for improving survivability of severe trauma injuries,” explained Carolyn Hollander, Vice President of TraumaFX at KGS. “This partnership will enable us to provide innovative, cost-effective training solutions more rapidly to first responders, helping to save more lives through superior development of life saving skills essential for treating patients at the point of injury.”

For a complete list of features for the products mentioned here, or to learn more about TraumaFX, visit our products page.

About TraumaFX

TraumaFX develops innovative medical simulation and training technologies that improve survivability of severe injuries on the battlefield and in civilian casualty situations. We specialize in high-fidelity, ruggedized simulators that deliver the most lifelike experience for trainees while enabling field exercises in any environment and in any weather. Our advanced sensor technology monitors critical treatment procedures and immediately transmits data to trainers wirelessly in real-time to optimize instruction. Originally developed by KGS under a research and development contract with the U.S. Army ARL-STTC, TraumaFX today offers a broad portfolio of human and canine simulators that allow military personnel, first responders, K9 handlers, and emergency medical professionals to learn through hands-on experience in real life scenarios the skills required to successfully treat severe injuries, quickly and effectively.

About NAR

North American Rescue (NAR), based in Greer, South Carolina, has proudly enjoyed the honor of serving their country, community, and customers for over a decade. NAR is leading the way in decreasing preventable deaths by providing innovative casualty care solutions to our uniformed soldiers, first responders, health care professionals, and security forces both at home, and abroad in foreign combat zones. They have a worldwide reach into all federal government medical facilities, branches, and first responders. For more information on North American Rescue and products visit or call (864) 675-9800.

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